2020 Xavier Family Stallion Run (3Km) (02/09/20)

After missing last years edition (2019), I am now back at the Xavier Stallion Run. This race is kind of special to me since this is where I got my first 1st place Finish (2016). I also got 1st Place in the 2017, 2018 and now the 2020 edition. All

ICAn Run (12/01/19)

My last race for 2019. ICAn Run. This race is very dear to me as this is being organized by my school, Immaculate Conception Academy (ICA). I'm pretty nervous joining this race since I really want to win. I entered the 5 Km race. As the gun start sounded, I

San Juan City Division Meet (11/22/19)

Another late post. Training, studies, Glee practices and other extra curricular activities are making it harder for me to post here. But I will try and catch up. Last November 22, 2019, San Juan City held its Division meet. The top winners here will represent San Juan City in the

Bayani Run (3Km) – 11/17/19

I wasn't supposed to run/race this event. As I have just raced a week before (Pogs Run). However, one day before the race, I was advised that I won the Huawei Watch GT 2 that StartingLinePh facilitated. StartingLinePh advised us that they will be at the Bayani Run to take

I’m back….

Its good to be back writing again. The truth is that I somewhat got tired of writing as I do not think anybody is reading this except my parents or maybe a very few relatives and close running friends. But I do like to share my experience and hopefully inspire

Eatlog Run 10/13/19

Last Sunday morning, I ran 10 km during the Eatlog Run 2019 along with my Team Titus teammates Elaine and Charize who ran 3 km and Ate Lyka who ran 5 km. That day, I woke up at 2 A.M. When we got to the venue, we waited for it

Citi Vertical Run 9/22/19

Last September 22, 2019 I climbed up 59 floors of hell up Shang-ri-la at The Fort. This is the first year they allowed 16 year old and above people to participate since the first few years only allowed those who were 18 and above and this was very fortunate for

My 16th Birthday 8/24/19

Last august 24, I celebrated my 16th birthday with teammates, running friends and family at McDonald's Kapitolyo since ultra’s still closed. This party was something my parents and I prepared for months. The party started at 7:00 PM. The