Traning in Angono 8/21/18



          This morning, I had uphill training in Angono with my dad, his classmate, Tito Darwin and Macky. The route felt less steep than Taytay’s but the uphills were way longer. Some areas were quite muddy due to road works and dump trucks passing by from the quarries. We also noticed quite a lot of dogs. There was a pack of around 3 to 4 unleashed dogs following their owner, an old woman. Just when we thought that we had to worry about the dogs, we realized that we had to worry about their owner even more. The old woman shouted at us and mumbled  things we cannot understand and only God knows what they were. Besides this, we had a great time running this route. I’m glad to have survived running 5km up and 5km down the route for a total of 10Km. After our run, we ate breakfast at Tito Darwin’s house. The highlight of the meal was their very flavorful homemade Beef Tapa. Apparently, they own a catering business named “Catering by Kubyertos”. I recommend checking them out if you need any catering services. 

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