NatGeo Run 2019 4/14/19

          Yesterday, I ran the NatGeo Run for the second time. In contrast with this year’s result, last year’s result is much better.  The reason will be explained further in the story. To begin with, we left the house at 3:00 AM because my teammate, ate Lyka would be competing in the 10 km race category which starts at 4:30 AM. Due to traffic, we arrived at the venue at 4:00 AM and dropped her off then left to park the car. There was a lot of people who joined the race so looking for parking was quite troubling. As a result, we ended up parking on the 5th floor of SM MOA and had to walk longer to get to the venue. We were shocked to find out that the 10 km race had three waves of runners. In order to get a spot at the starting line, I did my warm-up earlier than normal since we heard that the assembly would be 30 minutes before the gun start. As we all waited at the arc, I couldn’t help but realize that in every single fun run that I have ever joined, there was always at least a few people who missed their gunstart which is really sad. I don’t think it would really matter if they weren’t much of a bother but most of them, if not, all of them push. We finally started but it was quite rough since we have been standing for 30 minutes. At the start of the race, my pace was quite decent. Everything was going smoothly until the first u-turn where the road became more dense of runners. Soon, there were too much runners that it was not normal. It became so hard to pass through to the point where the goal wasn’t to avoid bumping in to people, but to slip through them more efficiently. As I approach the final u-turn upon passing by the opposite side of the finish line, the amount of runners does not diminish at all. It only became a bit easier to run during the last 200 m because that’s when people do their last push. After the race, I found out that I didn’t make it to the podium, so we just waited for the awarding ceremony for ate Lyka who won second place. During that time, we just took pictures. I also happen to have found my uncle, tito Enrik, who had run 21 km so I also took a picture with him. Moving on, the new trophy looked very unique as its components are made of recycled wood. It also has a dangling medallion in the middle. All in all, what made this race not so appealing is the huge amount of people, but it was also mostly the race route and gun start timing since it clashes all the runners from different events in the last few kilometers before the finish line. Otherwise, the race would have probably been one of the better ones. Maybe and hopefully in the the next race, the organizers will make better estimations and race routes to make to road more decongested. 


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