12th Robinsons Fit and Fun Wellness Buddy Run 7/7/19

          Today, I ran the 5km race category in the 12th Robinsons Fit and Fun Wellness Buddy Run in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City with my buddy, ate Lyka. The other teammates of mine who also ran are Charize and Juliana, Gab and kuya Hurjay and Rayya and Rishane. In addition to them, Macky, along with ate Lyka, was able to pace me during this race. The gunstart for 5km was 5:45 AM, but for safety purposes, they made it 5 minutes later in order to increase the gap between the 5 km runners and the 10 km runners. Luckily the weather for the event was nice compared to last year when it rained really strong. For this race, I’m happy that my time was quite good. Even though the race never had separate categories for male and female runners, I think it it would be great if they did to cater to different biological abilities. Sadly, the loot bags from this year’s race have less content than the loot bags from the past races. I think this should be improved in the next races since the loot bags are the reason most people join this race. Moreover, the place was quite crowded so I hope they find a way to make the venue more spacious. Despite all that, it was fun lining up to get free tastes and free goodies. Although there were some downsides to this event, what’s important is that they can always find a way to improve.

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