43rd Annual Milo Marathon 7/28/19

Last Sunday, July 28, 2019, I ran the 5km race category during the 43rd Milo Marathon with ate Lyka and Macky who slept over at our house the night before the race. So that we can arrive at the SM Mall of Asia (race venue) together. We left the house early so that we wont have a hard time finding a parking spot.

We arrived at around 4:00 am. By 4:40 am, we started warming up for the gun start which was set at 5:35 am. While warming up, my other Teammates from Team Titus started arriving. Some started warming up with us also. By 5:15 am we started going to the starting line. Compared to last year’s race, going to the starting line seemed a little less intense. As I observed there are fewer race participants for the shorter distances. This year’s race route was not that confusing. The only problem was that we often had to dodge the 3Km runners who had an earlier gun start than us. I think that it would’ve been better if the gun start for the 5km category was earlier than the gun start for the 3km category. In addition to that, based on my Garmin, the route was 140m more than 5km. If the route was exact, I might’ve gotten a new personal record. Despite of this, I’m still happy that I am the 7th female to finish in my distance. There were some confusion with the verification because there were no timing chip for the 3Km and 5Km distance. But they were able to fix that later on. As usual, regular 3Km and 5km finishers only got a certificate after finishing the race. However, the Top 3 finishers got trophies and some loot bags which I did not see what is in them. While the 4th to 10th placers received a medal and a towel.

I would also like to congratulate my teammates from Team Titus, namely Rishane (5th place 5Km), Rayya (10th place 5Km), Aira (4th place 3Km), Maxine (3rd place 3Km), Raizen (7th place 3Km), Raniel (9th place 3Km), Gab (10th place 3Km), Charize, Juliana, Hayacinth, Lyka and Macky. Overall this race is always fun and exciting. Hopefully, the organizers will give additional importance to the lower distances since after all, their slogan is about building champions which means they should really give more attention towards the lower distances.

(Credits to Running Photographers for the featured image.)

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