Skechers Perfomance Run 8/11/19

Today was the first time I joined the Skechers Fun Run which was organised by and Leadpack. In this race, I ran 10 km since they ran out of 5 km race kits. Since my distance is 10 km, I had to wake up at 2:30 AM. I started to warm up at around 3:40 AM with the gun start being at 4:30 AM. At the start of the race, the wind was already very strong that it was able to affect the direction of my running. Instead of being able to run in a straight direction, the wind was blowing me to move diagonally to the left. There were also motorcycle guides throughout the race for the standing top three male and females. Right when the wind was lessened around Buendia Avenue, my face felt like it was heating up. At one intersection in Buendia, there were lots of cars. The race marshals were still able to control the traffic at the start of the race, but going back to the same intersection after the u-turn, all the vehicles were moving and I wasn’t sure how I was going to jump from one lane in the middle to the one on the very side of the road. Luckily, the motorcycle marshal was able to block the vehicles. Very soon, it was windy again. The wind was very troublesome since it was drying my sweat causing me to feel really cold. Besides being tired, I was going against the wind. Due to the conditions, my pace mostly slowed down. After reaching the finish line, they immediately listed me and gave me my verification ID and finisher’s medal. Around the venue, finishers could get different freebies including Starbucks coupons and free tastes, Foodpanda coupons, and more. I was awarded first place for the female category of the 10 km event. There were quite a lot of prizes including P5,000 worth of Tom’s World tokens and a pair of Skechers Gorun Pure Ultra Shoes. Sadly, there were no trophies for the winners. Instead, we received medals that looked like the finishers’ medals except they have labels stating the place of the winner. Hopefully next year, they’ll have trophies as a part of the prizes.

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