2nd Birthday Celebration with Team San Juan 8/31/19

This morning, I ran at around 6:00am with my dad. We started in front of the house and passed by Mary the Queen (MTQ) to reach Ortigas. We ran until we got to EDSA intersection before taking a u-turn. On the way back, we stopped to run up and down the stairs in one of the parking lots of Greenhills. After that, we went straight home. When we got home, we rode the car to Mcdonald’s to pick up the breakfast for my San Juan City teammates. Similarly with my 16 birthday party in McDonald’s Kapitolyo, I gave away shoes and singlets. They said that they will distribute it the next week so that they will be more complete. I’m very happy that they appreciate the apparel that was donated since so much people had put so much love into what they have given. Hopefully, they will be able to use them often and the blessing we share would increase.

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