Citi Vertical Run 9/22/19

Last September 22, 2019 I climbed up 59 floors of hell up Shang-ri-la at The Fort. This is the first year they allowed 16 year old and above people to participate since the first few years only allowed those who were 18 and above and this was very fortunate for me since I just turned 16 not more than a month ago. Although my gun start was at 11:29 AM, we arrived at the venue as early as 9:00 AM to observe those who will climb earlier. I warmed up at around 10:40 AM until 11:05 AM before lining up at the starting line. This race was very different and unique for me since it went straight up instead of straight forward. At the beginning I felt quite alright but by the ninth floor, I started to slow down. I felt so helpless since I still had fifty more floors to go. On the twenty-second floor, we walked through the corridor outside the hotel rooms. By that point, I had already forgotten how to walk. I loved how there were people cheering at random floors. I honestly thought it would be very hot climbing the staircase but I was wrong and it felt a bit cold. It only felt hot when we got to the penthouse where the scorching sun was present. During the early part of the race my legs got tired really tired Nearing the end of the race, I was already feeling incredibly tired with my chest having a really difficult time. Sadly, I only un-officialy got 4th place by a few seconds. Hopefully I’ll be able to do better next year.

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