Eatlog Run 10/13/19

Last Sunday morning, I ran 10 km during the Eatlog Run 2019 along with my Team Titus teammates Elaine and Charize who ran 3 km and Ate Lyka who ran 5 km. That day, I woke up at 2 A.M. When we got to the venue, we waited for it to be 4 AM before waiting for the gun start which was at 4:30 AM. During that time, I got to play with the wind-up chicks which I found incredibly cute. I was actually planning to bring one home when people started to get them. It was very sad that when I got back from the 10 km race, all of them had been taken by others already. Unfortunately, the race started around 12 minutes late which meant we waited for quite a while before the race actually started. Before the race, I had already studied the route. Surprisingly, there were quite a lot of U-turns, making route vulnerable to runners who do short-cuts. To add to this, the race also did not have any timing chips. Luckily, nobody cheated to win the race. Throughout the race, there was a good amount martials spread around. The martials around also told me what place I was when I passed by them. However, there were spots in the race route that were really dark. In addition, there was a part with a lot of dogs. These dogs are not the nice kind since they were barking at the many of the runners. Ironically, the very spot with the stray dogs was the very spot with no martials. When I finished the race, my bib number was taken right away and they told me I was second place when I asked for my position. Every finisher received a finisher’s medal. There were also many free tastes and freebies. One thing, though, was that we had to wait for quite a long time before the awarding. This was due to the raffle since they gave a lot and also since one of the hosts was a kid who was quite talkative as she said so much before announcing those who won the raffle. Besides being cute, she was good at hosting for her age and was not shy. Each of the top three winners for each category received a trophy and more freebies. I was hoping the trophy would look like one of their past trophies which had a big golden egg on it. Before I finish, I would like to congratulate Elaine and Charize for winning the first and second place for the 3 km category, ate Lyka for winning first place for the 5 km category, Ate Cindy taking 1st place at the 10 km category and the rest of the podium finishers.

from: Starting Line PH
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