Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecology Society (POGS) Run 11/10/19

Yesterday, I ran 3 km during the POGS run at Liwasang Ulalim. Instead of choosing to run 10 km or 5 km, I chose to run 3 km since division meet is close approaching and my events include the 3000 m dash. The said gun start for this race was at 5:30 AM so we left the house at 3:30 AM. A while after we arrived, I started to warm up. 10 minutes before the gun start, I had to use the restroom and I only got out 2 minutes before the gun start. I like the route for this race since it had no u-turns. For me, when I think of u-turns, I get slightly anxious because of the idea that I’m still going to have to run the same route again and there’s 50% of the route I need to complete. After a few hundred meters, I got escorted by a motorcycle. I was cut off by some runners a few times throughout the race whenever they slowed down or decide to make sudden turns. This gave me the thought that maybe it’s time for race organizers to have their runners be reminded to always check behind them before they make a decision to adjust something. It may seem like a tiny set back but in a race, every second counts especially if the runner is looking to beat a certain target time. When I finished the race, I received a finisher’s medal and a verification ID. After finishing the race, I went straight to get my loot bag but I had to wait a bit since there was no one at the loot bag tent. The awarding ceremony was quite late since there were a lot of activities done by the runners who are part of corporations. Surprisingly, the race had cash prize. After being awarded, we took some pictures and said our goodbyes to the people we knew. Hopefully, this race gets to serve its purposes and successfully accomplish its mission.

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