ICAn Run (12/01/19)

My last race for 2019. ICAn Run. This race is very dear to me as this is being organized by my school, Immaculate Conception Academy (ICA). I’m pretty nervous joining this race since I really want to win.

I entered the 5 Km race. As the gun start sounded, I dashed right in to the lead pack. But soon after, my legs started to get tired and I am experiencing stomach cramps. I slowly faded away and just finished 2nd Place. Although I did not finished first, I am still happy that even with stomach cramps I did good. I believe that the one who finished first was an Alumni of ICA.

My Teammates from Team Titus, Charize and Gab. Charize finished 1st in the 3km category.

Overall, the event was great. It had many giveaways and lots of kids running. I hope ICA will hold another event this 2020.

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