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          Hi, I am Franxine Louisse Regalado. I currently live in San Juan City, Metro Manila, Philippines. I was born on the year 2003. All of you can tell by the name of my website that I’m a runner, but I’m not just a runner. I am also a member of the Immaculate Conception Academy Glee Club (School Club).

          I started running/jogging with my dad and mom around 2012-2013. During those times, I hated running (a.k.a. jogging and walking but mostly walking) mostly because I have to wake up early. By 2015, as I prepare to graduate from grade school, my dad signed me up to join a running clinic by Coach Saturnino “Titus” Salazar called “Up and Running by Coach Titus Salazar” which I genuinely opposed at the time. I guess it would be cliche to say this, but little did I know that my life was about to change.


          One of the reasons why I didn’t want to join Up and Running because I’m pretty shy and I don’t like awkward situations. My mom suggested to invite one of my friends to join me so that I’d be less scared. Together, we didn’t only join the summer running clinic, but we also did some kick-boxing. At first, I preferred kick-boxing since it was less tiring than the running clinic, but it was also tiring to be honest. Later on, I started having fun during the running clinic because I started gaining new friends and I loved the relays that Coach Titus let us do in almost every training day. Before I knew it, the summer clinic ended and I became a regular grade 7 student with not much running in my schedule.


          However, during the school year, I unnoticeably longed to run with the other kids in the running clinic again so I joined fun runs on some weekends with some of them. I never really expected to win any races at that time. I just ran and had fun. I even got lost on my first 3km race after joining the running clinic. Instead of running 3km, I ran 4km instead. Mid-race, I would always ask myself “How did I get into this mess?” feeling very exhausted, and after each race I would tell myself “Never again”. Eventually I found myself joining one race after another.

          Towards the end of the school year, I decided to join the summer clinic again. Although I doubted that it would be as fun, I was left mistaken. Summer vacation just seemed to be so much more vibrant than any I’ve had before. Since then, I’ve been competing in different races like fun runs and track and field events. In rare occasions , I would also join Aquathlons.

          Then it started to get a little bit serious. I started training after school with my other Coach Christian “Yan-yan” Dalida. Because of this, I have been juggling school work, Glee Club practices / competitions and Running. With this extra training, Podium finishes started to be reachable. And soon after, winning and/or podium finishes started to be a goal of mine.

          I am currently a member of Team Titus Athletics, unofficial ICA Track Team and Run It Fast the Club ( These teams/clubs have given me inspiration in my running journey. I’ve been making more and more friends from running weather its on the track and field oval, on the road and maybe soon the trails. 

          Running has changed my life with its own ups and downs. Challenge after challenge, running trains not just my body, but also my mind.

This is the story of how I became an athlete. I hope all of you will enjoy reading my blogs. I hope to inspire other kids out there as I get inspired also with other athletes I meet along the road. 

Thank you for visiting!

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