Coach Titus’ Surprise Giveaway 6/30/19

          Yesterday, coach Titus had a giveaway for the team. The giveaway event was sponsored by Cy Benedicto and her teammates from the Tri Star team. It started out with taking pictures. Then soon, coach started handing food from Jollibee. The first things he gave away

SongkRUN Fun Run 2019 5/19/19

          Red Sports PH's SongkRUN Fun Run is a race that takes inspiration on a Thailand water festival called Sonkran. The organizers had the gunstart near CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines) and the finish line in front of Casino Filipino (Rizal Hotel). This is the

NatGeo Run 2019 4/14/19

          Yesterday, I ran the NatGeo Run for the second time. In contrast with this year's result, last year's result is much better.  The reason will be explained further in the story. To begin with, we left the house at 3:00 AM because my teammate, ate

Run Rio Trilogy Leg 1 2019 4/7/19

         This morning, I ran the 5 km event of the 1st leg of the Runrio Trilogy with some of my teammates. The teammates who ran with me are ate Lyka, Macky and Gab. In the venue, at around 4:30 AM, we started to warm up since

ISM Meet 03/30/19

          Last March 30 was the first ISM Meet I've joined. Last year, I joined the Twilight Meet which is similar to ISM Meet in all ways except its events take place in one afternoon. On the other hand, ISM Meet starts in the morning until

Fed Run: First 3Km Race of the year 2019 2/17

          My first 3 Km race for the year happened last February 17, 2019 during the FedRun. The venue was quite big as it also has a tent for each Chinese School that supported the event. The race started a few minutes late and the start

PATAFA Kids Athletics 2018

          Congratulations to Coach Titus Salazar and the whole Team Titus Kids Athletics Team for being the overall champion during the 2018 PATAFA Kids Athletics. The team bagged 5 gold medals, 4 silver medals, and 4 bronze medals. All their hard work has paid off. Job

Beat Polio and Run for Peace Fun Run 10/28/18

          Today, my teammates and I went to Sta. Rosa to run the Beat Polio and Run for Peace Fun Run. It aimed to raise funds to support the global effort to fully eradicate Polio. At first, we thought that not much people joined the

ICAn Run Super Fun Run 10/21/18

          This year's ICA fun run is the first in a few years and this year's fun run aimed to help the construction of the MIC wellness center. Fortunately, I live quite near so all we had to do was to walk. Upon entering, people will

Yakult 10 Miler 10/7/18

          The 29th Yakult 10 Miler took place last October 7, 2018. Throughout the past few years I have been joining this race, they always awarded the top 3 finishers from the male and female category for the 5 km and up distances as well as