Uphill Training in Taytay, Rizal 6/23/19

     Yesterday, my teammates, Rishane, Rayya, Macky, Coach Greg and I trained in Taytay. Coach Yanyan was also with us but he was on a motorcycle to guide us on the sharp turns. I woke up at 4:00 AM. After we finished preparing, we finally left to fetch my

Training in Tikling 9/23/18

          Last September 23, we trained again in Tikling. It's been a few weeks since the last time I got to suffer Tikling's steep uphill course. Despite that, it still feels like I finished training stronger than my last. Out of nowhere, coach decided to change

Traning in Angono 8/21/18

                      This morning, I had uphill training in Angono with my dad, his classmate, Tito Darwin and Macky. The route felt less steep than Taytay's but the uphills were way longer. Some areas were quite muddy due to road works and dump

Training in Ultra 8/12/18

          Despite the rain, I was able to train in the afternoon. It was quite a challenge because of the strong wind and the rain water that found its way to my eyes but I was able to finish 10 laps and 10 reps of 100